Nuevo Disney Infinity 3.0

Ha habido varios rumores que la próxima encarnación de Disney Infinity será Star Wars, y hoy nos han llegado noticias de que una tienda alemana ha puesto en pre-venta el nuevo Disney Infinity 3.0 que saldrá a la venta el 20 de agosto. ¿Adivinen qué? De hecho sí, es de Star Wars. El set saldrá para PS3, X-Box 360, Nintendo […]

There has been rumors about the next incarnation of Disney Infinity being Star Wars, and today we caught wind from a German retailer that listed the new Disney Infinity 3.0 for pre-orders due to be released on August 20th. Guess what? It is indeed Star Wars. This starter pack will be released on PS3, X-Box 360, Nintendo Wii U, PS4 […]

So we brought this game up for discussion in our pilot episode and figured we should give it a quick review. I took some time to bring up a few topics, or elements of the game that I wanted to go over; not so much to try to sell or boycott the game in any way, more so to state […]

Episode 1

This is our official 1st Episode, we talk about Daredevil, Spider-Man, The New Joker Look, and our weekly gaming.

Pilot Episode

Our first attempt at getting a show going, we talk about Star Wars Celebration, favorite games, and family life.

¡Hay un nuevo anuncio que seguro le traerá recuerdos a muchos de ustedes! 18 años después de la última encarnación, Akira Toriyama traerá un nuevo Dragon Ball. Establecido poco después de los acontecimientos cuando Goku derrota a Majin Boo, los Guerreros Z tendrán que luchar contra un nuevo villano, incluso más fuerte que Cell y Majin Buu combinados. Como muchos […]

There’s a new announcement that will bring back memories for a lot of you! After 18 years of the last incarnation, Akira Toriyama will bring back a new Dragon Ball. Set shortly after the events of Goku defeating Majin Buu, the Z fighters will have to battle a new villain, even stronger than Cell and Majin Buu combined. As many […]

¿Recuerdan la escena que supuestamente se filtró, donde se muestra al Hombre Araña al final de los créditos? Pues resulta que sí, que de hecho es una escena falsa, y hoy les traemos el video de cómo se hizo. ¡Disfruten!

Do you guys remember the ‘leaked’ Spider-Man Age of Ultron after credits scene? It turns out that it is indeed a fake scene, and today we bring you the video of how it was made. Enjoy!

Here’s our first official Episode of Daddy’s Game Time. We talk about Daredevil, The New Joker, Spider-Man and the problems with PC gaming. We also give you a glimpse into our week and what’s coming for Daddy’s Game Time! Enjoy.