Father’s Day stories, Arkham Knight glitches, Pixar’s Inside Out and Spiderman’s rules to live by. All this plus much more in this week’s episode. Enjoy!

PolyCon & E3 & Shenmue

We are at PolyCon this week and talk about the Shenmue kickstarter, we also learn about Board Games, and it suffices to say that we were thoroughly impressed since we’re now on the path to get our own! It doesn’t get better than this! We also discuss the E3 blockbuster announcements, plus we celebrate Fathers Day! All this plus much more […]


We had the chance to attend PolyCon in San Luis Obispo this past Friday and I was pleasantly surprised. When you hear about a gaming convention, your thoughts go immediately towards a PS4 or an Xbox One, perhaps there’s a classic gaming section and you’re immediately transported to a simpler time where all that mattered was trying to rescue the […]

Interview with Super Soul Bros

We had the opportunity to speak with Super Soul Bros at this year’s FanimeCon 2015 from San Jose, CA. Enjoy!

E3 & Shenmue & PolyCon

It doesn’t get better than this! E3 blockbuster announcements, PolyCon, plus Fathers Day! All this plus much more in this week’s episode. Enjoy!

Christopher Smith Interview

I had a chance to sit down for a really nice conversation with Christopher Smith at Fanime Con this past May, and it was such a cool experience! Mr. Smith has voiced The Joker in The Lego Batman games, as well as Superman in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, and most recently Luke Skywalker in the Phineas and Ferb Star Wars […]

Episode 007

This week we discuss the upcoming big show… E3! We also find out if Mad Max Fury Road is really as “great” as “they” say it is. We also talk about what we do whenever our children catch a glimpse of something inappropriate and try to turn those delicate situations into teaching moments. All this plus much more. Enjoy!

Destiny: The Taken king

Updates of Bungie’s: Destiny was given at this year’s E3. Let me start off by saying, I hate the fact that another Expansion/DLC is required, just after 2 have already been release since its initial launch, but with that said… ohh man, does it look good. With this expansion there will be a new campaign, new maps and crucible modes, […]

¡El Xenoblade Chronicles X de MonolithSoft se ve increíble! Vimos el trailer de Xenoblade Chronicles y es seguro decir que si tú eres dueño de una consola Wii U de Nintendo este es el título que tienes que conseguir. Soy un gran fan de Robotech, y si tú no estás familiarizado con Robotech/Macross, puedes consultar con la serie Mobile Suit […]

Xenoblade Chronicles X

MonolithSoft’s Xenoblade Chronicles X looks amazing! We saw the trailer for Xenoblade Chronicles and it’s safe to say that if you own a Nintendo Wii U this is the title you absolutely need to get. I’m a huge Robotech fan, and if you’re not familiar with Robotech/Macross, please refer to Mobile Suit Gundam. I’m sure you’ve at least seen glimpses […]