This week, the guys go over the big game, and its viewtiful glory. Lots of new and funny stuff. From MCU to Games. Enjoy!

This week, the guys go over the latest of Microsoft and EA, as well as more movie and gaming news. Enjoy!

Grabado en vivo desde San Diego, CA. Comic-Con 2015 es una convención y un gran espectaculo para todos los fans de historietas (Comics), programas y peliculas de super heroes.

In this week’s episode Leo explains (to the disdain of Francisco) why Cinderella was more enjoyable than Avengers 2. Fanime Convention. Disney Infinity 3.0. The fallout from Pacquiao vs Mayweather. Daddy’s Advice. Happy Mother’s Day and much more!

Episode 2: What time is it? It’s Daddy’s Game Time!!! Join Rick, Leo and Francisco! 3 childhood friends who try to keep up with gaming, movies and pop culture in general, all while being full time family men. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it! In this week’s edition of Daddy’s Game Time, we cover […]

Do you guys remember the ‘leaked’ Spider-Man Age of Ultron after credits scene? It turns out that it is indeed a fake scene, and today we bring you the video of how it was made. Enjoy!