Dora the Exploder?

This week, the guys bring you the latest in the movie and pop culture. Guess whats happening with your favorite Dinos at Universal. Enjoy!

This week, the guys go over the big game, and its viewtiful glory. Lots of new and funny stuff. From MCU to Games. Enjoy!

This week, the guys reminisce with Ready Player One, Rampage, Marvel, and more. Enjoy!

Batman vs Superman & Jurassic World (DGT #12)

On this episode we talk about Jurassic World as well as Batman V Superman and much more!

The new Jurassic World trailer was revealed on April 20th and it gives a glimpse of a genetically enhanced dinosaur that happens to be pretty intelligent as well. Universal Studios released what it could be the last trailer before Jurassic World rolls into theaters. The trailer describes the reason why the park owners decide to genetically ‘mess’ with nature once […]