Nintendo Switch Reveal

We talk about our impressions regarding the Nintendo Switch. We discuss the launch games, the graphics, peripherals and price point.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Unboxing

Watch as a former iPhone user unboxes his first ever Android Smartphone!

Hot Toys Rocket & Groot Review!

It’s the Rocket & Groot Double Pack from Hot Toys, and we give you a glimpse of what the figures look like! Please enjoy!

It’s the 30th Anniversary of Back to The Future, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than to share our Hot Toys Marty McFly figure with all of you! Please enjoy!

So we brought this game up for discussion in our pilot episode and figured we should give it a quick review. I took some time to bring up a few topics, or elements of the game that I wanted to go over; not so much to try to sell or boycott the game in any way, more so to state […]