• Black Friday, RDR2 and Disney/Nintendo Remakes!

    On this week’s episode we discuss our views on Black Friday, our loot, and what’s coming for Nintendo and Disney!

  • Street Fighter Party

    We figure out how to play Mario Party! and we give you an L.A. Comic Con Recap. We also reminisce with Street Fighter and discuss […]

  • What’s Mario Party for The Switch Like?

    On today’s show Leo and Francisco decide to take Mario Party for the Nintendo Switch out for a spin!

  • A more relaxed Format and Rick is back!

    On today’s show we transition once again to give you, our viewers, a better experience. Find out how!

  • Batmanless, TellTaless, and Jonhsonless

    On this week’s episode we discuss the recent losses in the world of Videogames, Movies, and Enterntainment!

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Disney, Fox, Front Page

Disney vs Fox and Stan Lee’s Comic Con going to China?

Disney vs Fox and Stan Lee’s Comic Con going to China?

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Anime, Anime Expo, Anime Expo 2018, Front Page

Anime Expo 2018 (AX) LIVE FROM LA!

We bring you our live reactions and impressions from this years festivities at AX 2018 LIVE from the Los Angeles Convention Center!

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Front Page, Lego Movie, Nes Classic, Toys R Us, Weekly Shows

No more Toys :{

This week, the guys go over the latest in movies including: Creed 2, Predator, Lego Movie 2, Teen Titans Go, and more. Enjoy!

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E3, E3 2018, Front Page, Weekly Shows

The Best Games from E3 2018

In this weeks episode Rick, Leo, and Francisco recap E3 2018 and discuss all of the best from the world of video games.

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E3, FIFA, Front Page, Sony, Spider-Man, The Last of Us 2, Weekly Shows

Sony E3 Conference 2018

Join us as the guys check out the Sony E3 conference and react to the announcements for new games coming out!

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Disney, Front Page, Let's Go Pikachu, Nintendo Switch, Pokemon Go, Weekly Shows

Lets Go, Wreck it Ralph

The guys are back… and tired… This week, the guys go over the latest trailers and gaming news. Enjoy!

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Fanime, Fanime 2018, Front Page, Queen Koopa, Weekly Shows

Queen Koopa takes over Fanime!

The guys take us to Fanime 2018 and show us what is like to attend one of the biggest Anime conventions of California!

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Front Page, Thundercats, Weekly Shows

BlunderCats and Saving Star Wars

This week, the guys are disappointed. Why? You’ll see. Enjoy!

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13 Reasons Why, Cartoons, Deadpool, Fanime, Front Page, Predator, Weekly Shows

Dora the Exploder?

This week, the guys bring you the latest in the movie and pop culture. Guess whats happening with your favorite Dinos at Universal. Enjoy!

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Avengers, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Cartoons, Deadpool, Disney, Front Page, Infinity War, Spider-Man, Stan Lee, Thor Ragnarok, Weekly Shows

Marvel Marvel’s… us

This week, the guys go over all the MCU buzz. Enjoy!

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