So we brought this game up for discussion in our pilot episode and figured we should give it a quick review. I took some time to bring up a few topics, or elements of the game that I wanted to go over; not so much to try to sell or boycott the game in any way, more so to state what I enjoy or dislike about it.

Many have commented or complained that the story is weak or too short. I would agree with this as well, being that original campaign was rather simple and fast to get through. What with the release of the 1st expansion (The Dark Below) it did add more to the campaign side of the game, but still felt somewhat short. Good news though, the 2nd expansion (House of Wolves) has been set to release on May 19th, and should add more game play hours, and I myself can’t wait to get this content and play it through.

I play on the PS3, and have to say it looks amazing. The design and attention to detail is great; enough to make you feel as if these planets/maps that they have created do exist. I feel like there is a serene look to the loading/traveling screen during in between gaming that I really enjoy. I could only imagine how much better they would appear on PS4/XBone.

Just like other FPS games, it takes a small amount of time to get the hang of the controls. This makes it easy to get on with the gaming, instead of trying to figure out how to play. The controls feel very responsive and smooth. Once you get a good feel, it’s almost like a pattern when it comes to hunting down other online players in multi-player mode.

Overall, I really enjoy this game. Destiny is a fun game to play, and it can be played for a few minutes at a time (i.e. a few missions or matches at a time) which is perfect for the Daddy on the go. Plus it really reminds me of Halo, which is another series of games that I enjoyed playing. With the upcoming DLC of the 2nd expansion, I feel it’s only going to get better.

Tell us what you think or feel about this game!

Ricardo Velazquez

Class: Assassin/Rogue
HP: 250
STR: 125
DEX: 185
CRT: OVER 9,000!!!

Special ATK: Round House
Game of Choice: RPG/MMORPG, FPS, Action/Adventure

I’m a simple man with simple goals, and made of flesh and bone, just like any other person (except Leo, he’s not right). Love to be with my family and friends, playing a good game, and just experiencing new and exciting things with the family. Strong christian belief influences my way of living, and set foundation for morals I pass on to my children.










  • Beautiful Graphics
  • Easy to get the hang of it
  • Perfect for the Daddy on the go


  • Short Campaign Mode
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